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Rocky Mountain Independent, online magazine experiment, folds

Weeks-long rumors of the end of the Rocky Mountain Independent journalism experiment have been confirmed. On Thursday evening the three-month-old website announced to subscribers...

InDenverTimes cougar chronicles: Grroar

After a mostly distinguished 150 years spent delivering daily journalism, the Rocky Mountain News closed this past February. Thirty dedicated staffers took to the...

Denver Post hikes single-copy street rack, newsstand price by 50 percent

Readers who buy The Denver Post one copy at a time had better start stocking up on those quarters. The newspaper announced Wednesday the...

After the bilious newspaper tribe dies, journalism will thrive

A few months after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, another western paper bites the dust. Last week, Gannet shuttered the Tucson Citizen, which hobbled along under bad management for years. The Citizen's closing edition has already become an ignominious artifact of the end of the newspaper era, mostly for the classy middle-finger salute it raised to the Internet and online journalism:

Suthers warns against scam selling subscriptions to extinct newspaper

Attorney General John Suthers told Colorado residents to be on the lookout for door-to-door scammers selling subscriptions to the "new" Rocky Mountain News, a Denver newspaper that ceased publication in February. According to a warning issued Friday by Suthers and AARP Elder Watch, salesmen have been selling the bogus subscriptions in Colorado Springs, telling victims they can only accept cash.

Jared Polis versus the News, cont’d

Mike Littwin, the former Rocky Mountain News columnist who's now at the Denver Post -- one of the few lucky transplants -- weighs in this morning on Boulder Rep. Jared Polis' comment about new media's killing the News and stating that was "mostly a good thing." Littwin is justifiably offended. His paper died. Many of his hardworking and talented colleagues and friends are out on the streets, and that is a tragedy. But Littwin is playing at naif -- and that won't work.

Community papers struggling: Vail Daily cuts staff to 2002 levels

On the day Denver lost one of its major metro newspapers, the Rocky Mountain News, there are signs that even small-town community newspapers in Colorado — once believed to be relatively bulletproof — are starting to struggle.

Seeds of Rocky’s demise planted 20 years ago … electronically

My first paid byline was in the Rocky Mountain News in 1988 – a college football story that was a minor scoop on the Denver Post.

Rocky Mountain News Twitter: ‘It’s strange to cover your own funeral.’

Six months after Tweeting the funeral of a 3-year-old -- a decision that caused some controversy -- the Rocky Mountain News Twitter feed covered the death of the Rocky itself. "Scripps CEO Rich Boehne just announced the last edition of the Rocky Mountain News will be tomorrow, Feb. 27," the Rocky's newsroom Twitter announced at noon from the meeting where employees learned their fate.

Vintage TV broadcast introduces online news 28 years ago

Rocky Mountain News employees continue to search for glimmers of hope from its owner E. W. Scripps, Co., about the future of the paper. As the staff continues to twist in the wind while the suits in Cincinnati silently decide their fate the media conglomerate can't say it wasn't warned about the online barbarians at the gate ... in 1981.
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