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Colorado high-speed rail study comes as critics look to derail Obama...

Even as passenger rail proponents and opponents in Colorado pick over the details of a high-speed rail feasibility study (pdf) released this week, criticism continues to swirl around the Obama administration’s $8 billion in stimulus funds meant to kick-start the nation’s languishing passenger rail network.

Denver 2022: Bid for the Games in order to win a...

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were essentially two winter Olympics - the Vancouver and Whistler Games – separated by a mere 70 miles and an unnecessarily difficult mass transit mess that took more than three hours to navigate. The Colorado equivalent would be to shut down Interstate 70 between Denver and the mountain resorts of Summit and Eagle County and invite the world to come enjoy a grueling three-hour bus ride. That's simply an unacceptable scenario if Denver wants to seriously consider hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Study puts Colorado high-speed passenger rail price tag at $22 billion

High-speed passenger rail service on dedicated tracks along the Interstate 25 and Interstate 70 corridors will cost $22 billion and likely require up to 50-percent funding by Colorado taxpayers, a Rocky Mountain Rail Authority (RMRA) spokesman said this week.

High-speed-rail $20 billion price tag raises eyebrows around the state

Even before it issues its final report later this month, the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority is generating plenty of buzz for its $15 billion...

I-70 Coalition chair: Don’t expect freeway fix, rail anytime soon

The stories from Front Range weekend warriors of typical two-hour drives on Interstate 70 turned into six-hour odysseys by jackknifed semis and brutal mountain...

High-speed train to mountains may be derailed by economy

With the price of oil plummeting, the economy tanking and Colorado’s roads crumbling, there hasn’t been much post-election talk about high-speed rail service between Denver and the state’s major mountain resorts.

I-70 Toll Tanks, Rail Resuscitated, but is There Political Will?

Even as an Interstate 70 toll proposal came to a screeching halt and simultaneously the concept of a mountain rail corridor got a big...
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