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Buck campaign: ‘He’s the underdog and proud of it’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck got creamed on the numbers this week. He drew $40,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared to GOP frontrunner Jane Norton's $550,000 haul. Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet pulled in a cool $1.1 million. "That's today's story," said Buck campaign manager Walt Klein.

Ken Buck campaign ad stirs up supporters and speculation

The U.S. Senate campaign for Weld County D.A. Ken Buck reportedly knew nothing of the ad before it aired and even now isn't sure...

Colorado school districts react to furor over presidential speech

Colorado’s urban school districts are scrambling to calm conservative parental furor over President Barack Obama’s scheduled speech to schoolchildren on Tuesday—even as the state's...

Conservative blog: Tancredo lets slip plans to challenge Ritter in 2010

Did he or didn't he? The local conservative blog Rocky Mountain Right reports retiring Congressman Tom Tancredo told a Republican group last week he intends to run for governor in 2010. Tancredo's spokesman told PolitickerCO.com on Sunday night that his boss was joking, but the blog stands by the report and insists the "Tancredo candidacy is no joke."