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The best of Mike Littwin: The 2015 edition

  Let's get it out of the way: 2015 was a grim year. Want proof? Just look back through The Indy archives and check out the last 12...

Bob Berwyn talks with KGNU about his crowd-funded climate-change reporting

"It's not only a crowd-funding website. It's also a journalism incubator. It really is a group of folks that help independent journalists raise money for specific types of projects."

Chasing Light: Roadside tundra

Roadside photography goes all the way back to the time when landscape picture-takers used mules to lug their giant box cameras to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Melting permafrost could worsen water quality in the Rockies

We may not yet know exactly how global warming will affect all the complex parts of Rocky Mountain ecosystems, but it’s not for lack of trying.

Rocky Mountain Climate Watch: Here we go

We are amped to start our Rocky Mountain climate reporting trek with a visit to the high San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.

Feds ignore science, backpedal on wolverine protection

One of the rarest animals in the West won't get any special protection for now, as federal officials ignored their own researchers and withdrew a 2010 proposal to put wolverines on the endangered species list.

Salazar: Bleak USGS Rocky Mountain water report shows ‘real impacts of...

There’s more bad news for water watchers in the Rocky Mountain West, where record snowpack from last winter has led to a dangerous runoff in some places, including Colorado’s Western Slope. The bad news is this season is apparently a statistical blip in a 30-year historical decline in Rocky Mountain snowpack, which provide between 60 and 80 percent of the water supply for the 70 million people living in the western United States.
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