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Udall so quiet on his big issue even the NSA can’t...

On the face of it, putting some congressional guardrails on the National Security Agency’s now notorious dragnet collection of citizens’ private communication data seems like the perfect stump for Udall and not a bad bet for Gardner.

Littwin: The whistleblower blues

The New York Times publishes an editorial, and at least one thing becomes clear: Newspapers still matter, at least if the paper is the Times, which has proposed that Edward Snowden come home, with the semi-blessing of a reluctant Obama administration.

Udall Sends Out ‘I Warned You’ Pitch in Wake of Surveillance...

He made impassioned speeches on the Senate floor, held press conferences and appeared on the Sunday talk shows. For years, Colorado Senator Mark Udall has been telling anyone who will listen that key provisions of the Patriot Act are being used by the the government to tread on citizens' constitutional rights to privacy.

Udall Endorses Brennan for CIA Director, Underlines Need for Greater Oversight

In the wake of an historic Senate filibuster over the murky U.S. laws governing drone strikes, Colorado Senator Mark Udall on Thursday urged his colleagues to confirm John Brennan as the new director of the CIA.

Obama Admin, NSA won’t tell Udall how many Americans being spied...

For years, Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall has been seeking and failing to gather information on counter-terrorism laws that allow the government to spy on Americans without obtaining warrants.

Senate Democrats want further examination of Keystone XL project

A group of Democrats in the U.S. Senate have written to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking that the State Department extend their review of the Keystone XL pipeline project.

In voting against Patriot Act, Udall says Americans would be ‘alarmed’...

Colorado Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall has long urged his colleagues to reform three of the most controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, saying the provisions are ripe for abuse. This week Congress decided against reform and extended the act as it stands for four more years. In voting with the slim minority that opposed extension, Udall made clear that, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee privy to executive branch information, he felt the provisions were now being abused, that the government was unnecessarily trampling rights and also blocking oversight.

Udall, Democratic senators point finger at oil speculators for high gas...

Several Democratic senators, including Mark Udall, are staging a media stakeout at the U.S. Capitol today to voice their concerns over the role of complicated finance speculation in high gas prices.

Senate blocks debate over Patriot Act re-authorization

Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall joined with a small bipartisan band of colleagues to slow the move on Capitol Hill to quickly reauthorize the Patriot Act and extend its most controversial provisions for another four years. That effort was derailed Tuesday when Majority Leader Harry Reid called for a vote to "table" or stop work on the act. He got his wish. The Senate voted to block debate 74 to 13 votes.

Udall, Bennet seek investigation of Transocean’s $1B shareholder payout

Colorado U.S. Sens Mark Udall and Michael Bennet joined 16 other Senate Democrats in demanding the Justice Department investigate $1 billion in shareholder dividends...
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