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Bennet celebrates Dem-backed small business legislation

DENVER-- At InterTech's spanking clean plastic molding factory in an industrial park near the airport here, Sen. Michael Bennet and Intertech President Noel Ginsburg celebrated the effects of small business legislation supported by Congressional Democrats and signed into law by the President at the end of September.

Third-party candidates: Worthy of respect and impossible to elect

Tea partiers came roaring out of the gate last spring determined to shake up the political system. In Colorado, tea party groups invited candidates...

Obama commercial beats Perot in ratings, McCain urges ‘buyer beware’

One in five Denver households watching TV tuned in the half-hour Barack Obama campaign commercial broadcast Wednesday night on seven networks, according to overnight Nielsen ratings, slightly below the nationwide average. It was the first time a presidential candidate has purchased a wall-to-wall television commercial since Ross Perot broadcast an ad on Election Day in 1996, when roughly 17 percent of households watched.
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