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Lawyers for kids, support for struggling schools, doctors for the hinterlands

Legislators kept it quick and rote on the floor this sunny morning, the last day of February, but yesterday's committee hearings were interesting.

Painful Choices: Rural Docs Must Answer a Different Call

When he arrived in a rural area to practice medicine, Dr. Mark Deutchman saw his first patient before he finished unloading the moving van. "They...

Painful Choices: Rural Care Pits Profits Against Access

Three companies tried to make money running the Washington County Clinic - Banner Health Care, Rose Medical Center and Colorado Plains Medical Center. All failed,...

Painful Choices: Rural Health Care Offers Few Options

In rural Colorado, nurse practitioner Becky Hutcheson battles a health care system she calls "very broken."AKRON, Colo. Kent Vance has thick hands that bear the...

Rural Task Force Stresses Access To Health Care

The job of the task forces advising the state's 208 Commission is to analyze the four health care reform proposals being considered and tell...
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