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Wiretap: We know much more about the Las Vegas massacre, but...

We know more about the Las Vegas killer. We know more about the guns he used. We know more about the elaborate setup in...

Littwin: Arguments still seem to fall one way on Supreme Court...

I'm sure the experts are right that the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision is a toss-up, and that it was hard to tell, after...

Wiretap: Hong Kong scary

This is a big deal. Hong King citizens fear promises made to them nearly 20 years ago about democratic rights by the central government in Beijing are being broken.

Wiretap: Obama’s war

He's found his inner George Bush. No, he's embarked on something altogether new. No, he's a man of peace making the case for war.

Ginsburg trolls Scalia: After Hobby Lobby, beware a flood of corporate...

Ginsburg warned that the sweeping logic of the Hobby Lobby opinion will open the door for corporations to suddenly find all kinds of rules and regulations religiously offensive. Sound familiar?

Wiretap: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lost in the Florida special election

Retirement was a hot topic that died down when Ginsburg, who turns 81 this week, made it clear she wasn't going anywhere. But Democrats could lose control of the Senate this year.

Supreme Court rules against Christian campus group seeking to exclude gays

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that Christians can organize campus clubs and not accept gay people into them but that public universities controlling...
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