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Udall: National debt is serious security threat

Today, Senator Mark Udall issued a statement commenting on Obama's nomination of Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense. Udall said the country's debt is among its most serious national security threats and said it will be up to Panetta to manage a budget as well as managing military operations.

Greg Mortenson controversy comes to Telluride, but not the man himself

One speaker at last year’s Telluride Mountainfilm Festival was convicted in March of federal felonies. But before his sentencing in June, climate activist Tim DeChristopher will be back again this year to talk about his disruption of federal gas leasing in Utah.

Kuhner and Ackerman on Obama and Bush bad language

Columnist Jeffrey Kuhner writing in the Obama-blasting Washington Times takes media flappery around the President saying he was looking to "kick ass" for the...

Harber Goes to Iraq; Invites Colorado Confidential Readers to Submit Questions...

Under a special arrangement with "The Aaron Harber Show" and KBDI-TV Channel 12, Colorado Confidential readers are invited to submit questions to Aaron Harber...
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