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GOP pollster finds Perlmutter in close contest with Frazier

A Republican pollster recently conducted a survey that found Democratic incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Ryan Frazier roughly even in their contest for Colorado's...

Perlmutter calls on CD7 opponents to support stem-cell research

GOLDEN -- Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter Wednesday called on his opponents, Republican candidate Ryan Frazier and Libertarian Buck Bailey, to pledge their support...

Missing in action: Aurora Council unfazed by Frazier’s poor attendance

Maybe 7th Congressional District GOP nominee Ryan Frazier is just a busy guy. Currently serving on the Aurora City Council, Frazier has been absent or late for half the meetings held in the past two years. Of the last 53 meetings, Frazier has missed 16 and been late for an additional 10. The other nine members of the board have missed a combined 19 in that time.

Nestle water deal rained down cash on key Chaffee County locals

The Nestle corporation plan to tap the Arkansas River Basin in Chaffee County for its "Arrowhead Springs" mineral water product will make the company hefty profits. Unsurprisingly, the deal has already generated significant cash for a small group of locals involved in the controversial enterprise.

Aurora may not have right to sell water to Nestle

Last year, the city of Aurora made a deal to lease 65 million gallons of water to Nestle. In making the deal, the city council moved against the city's culture of water conservation, bypassed the Aurora Citizen Water Committee, alienated one of the city's vital water partners, the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District, and also may have violated the terms of its rights to Arkansas Basin water--all for a mere $160,000 per year, a fraction of the profits Nestle will reap from bottling the water and selling it across the mountain west and beyond.

Perlmutter embraces incumbency, says real war pits GOP against GOP

DENVER-- During the opening of his campaign field office in Golden on Saturday, Seventh District Congressman Ed Perlmutter told a crowd of about 60...

In CD7, Perlmutter, Frazier wage another battle over energy policy

The top candidates for Colorado's Seventh Congressional District are facing off on energy policy and jobs, the debate breaking along predictable lines. Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter is a longtime advocate for renewable energy development, which he sees as an essential part of the drive toward national energy independence. He has supported so-called cap-and-trade legislation that would tax carbon as a way to move the country toward cleaner renewable fuels. Perlmutter's main GOP rival, Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier, calls Perlmutter's stance limiting and told the Colorado Independent that he is for an "all of the above" national energy policy that includes opposition to cap and trade and an embrace of oil and coal as well as alternative nuclear and renewable power.

WATCH: Ryan Frazier ad pitches him as the anti-Obama

Aurora City Council Member at Large Ryan Frazier is the top GOP candidate looking to unseat CD7 Congressman Ed Perlmutter. Viewers could be forgiven...

Buck campaign: ‘He’s the underdog and proud of it’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck got creamed on the numbers this week. He drew $40,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared to GOP frontrunner Jane Norton's $550,000 haul. Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet pulled in a cool $1.1 million. "That's today's story," said Buck campaign manager Walt Klein.

Why does John McCain hate Ryan Frazier?

Aurora City Council member Ryan Frazier was touted by the local and national media as an excellent choice to run for the GOP...
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