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Tweet of the Week: No anti-Semitism here

With more local politicos using the microblogging service Twitter to surreptitiously feed the rumor mill, rally supporters and bash opponents in 140 characters or less I thought it might be fun to highlight the week's best, worst or funniest message, known as a "tweet." And our inaugural post is a doozy too.

Hate-crimes prosecution could yield ‘mixed bag’ for Senate candidate Buck

Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck's landmark hate-crime prosecution of a man accused of murdering a transgender Greeley teen could prove "very much a mixed bag" for the Republican, who emerged Tuesday as a candidate in the 2010 U.S. Senate election, political observers say.

Buck makes it official: Weld County DA joins Senate race against...

Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck became the first official Republican candidate aiming to unseat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, the Democrat appointed to the seat in January after Ken Salazar stepped down to become secretary of Interior. Buck, who has been making noise about running for months, made the announcement on his BuckforColorado.com Web site Tuesday morning.

Where does the Colorado GOP go from here? Ask Dick and...

Colorado Independent readers, your citizen journalism moment has arrived. Rocky Mountain PBS talk show host Aaron Harber is requesting questions for his two-part series on the future of the Colorado Republican Party. But hurry, your deadline is 10 a.m. Monday.

Wadhams speaks: ‘Our fundamental principles are pretty darn solid’

State GOP chairman Dick Wadhams sits down and opens up on a wide range of political topics in an illuminating interview with The Colorado Statesman editor Jody Hope Strogoff and reporter Jason Kosena, who was The Colorado Independent's chief political reporter through the 2008 election. Unlike his ubiquitous -- sometimes vulgar -- sound bites issued during the heat of the campaign, Wadhams sounds positively relaxed and introspective as he discusses the future of the Republican Party in Colorado, prospects for retaking the legislature and statewide seats, and even whether Marilyn Musgrave should have called to concede to Betsy Markey after losing her 4th District seat in Congress (short answer: yes).

GOP contenders line up, ‘wait and see’ whether to challenge Bennet...

With Monday's withdrawal from the Senate race by Attorney General John Suthers, state Republicans lack a clear front-runner to take on newly appointed Democrat Michael Bennet in 2010. Other top GOP prospects have hesitated to enter the race, weighing both their own fortunes and the emerging profile of Bennet, the former Denver Public Schools chief, who lacks a voting record and has never before run for office. It's a markedly different tone than state Republicans sounded last month when contenders jostled for the chance to take on an appointed senator.

Colorado Political Corruption Report Names Rogues’ Gallery

Perennial media favorite State Rep. Douglas Bruce and Secretary of State Mike Coffman vie for "Miss December" honors in Colorado Ethics Watch's 2008 round...

Labor Legislation Goes To Hearing

The cafeteria at the state capitol building was almost completely empty this morning, where the only people on the building's bottom floor were construction...

People To Know In The Anti-Union Campaign

An initiative to break up union shops in Colorado will be the subject of a review and comment hearing held today at the capitol....

New Age Union Busting

A new age of union busting has dawned in Aurora, known by some as "the Bronx of Denver," totaling more than 300,000 people. City...
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