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Littwin: Tancredo, the one man who can out-Trump Trump

This is not exactly a newsflash, but Tom Tancredo is threatening to run for governor. Again. And any establishment Republican politician in Colorado who...

Wiretap: We have a budget! Good news or bad news?

The Koch brothers are against it. Jim DeMint is against it. The longterm unemployed should be against it -- because it drops their benefits. But it appears Paul Ryan and Patty Murray have made a budget deal.

Obama Wins Second Term

Americans voted to reelect President Barack Obama tonight, giving him four more years to work to expand the economy and drive down stubborn unemployment numbers. Throughout the long campaign, voters told pollsters they favored his steady demeanor and, in the end, embraced his vision of a government that sought to prioritize middle class opportunity, in part through a federal tax policy that asks the top earners in the country to pay the same rates they paid in the Clinton years, when the U.S. economy boomed.