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Cardinal O’Malley departs from Archbishop Chaput, welcomes children of gays

Nine months after Hingham Catholic school in Boston rescinded the application of a child of lesbian parents, the Archdiocese there has adopted a new admissions policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. The new policy comes at the direction of Cardinal Sean O'Malley and stands in sharp contrast to the position taken by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, who supported Sacred Heart Elementary School in Boulder last year in rejecting the applications of two students because their parents are gay.

This is not a post about ugly Baptist group that craves...

That Kansas-based Christian group that protests at the site of gay hate crimes, U.S. military funerals and pretty much anywhere there might be someone...

Defending anti-gay school policy, Chaput takes dig at tax code

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput posted a defense of the decision by Sacred Heart parish in Boulder to expel the children of a lesbian couple....
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