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Sara Barwinski, a minority of one on Hickenlooper fracking commission

  Sara Barwinski is one of the 19 members of the new oil-and-gas task force formed last month by Gov. John Hickenlooper to address concerns...

Greeley Weighs Proposal to Add More Fracking Wells Within City Limits

Today in Greeley, the city at the heart of Colorado's Front Range "frack country," a seven-member planning commission will consider a proposal by oil and gas company Synergy to add three more well-drilling facilities "and related equipment" to a site already being drilled in a scenic residential neighborhood roughly three miles from the city center. Synergy is one of the companies working the boom in natural-gas extraction in area of the rich Wattenberg Field, which stretches under most of north-east Colorado. The boom is mostly the product of the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing, the extraction technique where millions of gallons of a mixture of water, chemicals and sand is blasted deep into the earth to free trapped gas.
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