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Littwin: Clinton swims in scandal, but she never seems to drown

It's early days in Hillary Clinton's quest for the presidency, but already it feels like old times. The scandals and the quasi-scandals and the...

Government watchdog group Ethics Watch ranks top Colorado scandals of 2010

Nonprofit watchdog group Colorado Ethics Watch on Tuesday brought out a list reviewing five of the most glaring high-profile breaches of public trust in Colorado in 2010. Ethics Watch is often described (or dismissed) as "left-leaning," and it's true that its list this year spotlights the actions of four well-known Republican political figures. But it's also true that the names of three of the four men included on the list-- Doug Bruce, Dan Maes and Scott McInnis-- now mostly induce chortles and head shaking on the left and right in political circles across the nation. "We were trying to pick [instances] where there was no redeeming side. These were cases where there was no way to give a positive spin," Director Luis Toro told the Colorado Independent.

Conservative donors see latest RNC scandal as ‘nail in the coffin’

The “suggested amount” portion of the donation form is crossed out. There isn’t a box to check for no donation, so the would-be donor has simply drawn and filled in a new bubble and scrawled “NO.”

Media watch: Giuliani surprisingly rational on Sanford sex scandal

Why ask Rudy Giuliani to weigh in on the Mark Sanford infidelity madness unless you're going to ask him directly about his own infidelity madness? MSNBC's Morning Joe misses the opportunity. Instead, the host lets Rudy go on about Bill Clinton's infidelities. Weird. Imagine Clinton sitting in that newsroom and no one ever mentioning "that woman" Lewinsky or that other woman Jennifer Flowers or any of the rest of the other women. Could never happen!

Blogger Fired For Outing Scandal In Aurora

A city employee's blog has revealed a juicy adultery scandal in Aurora, one of Colorado's largest cities.  The man blogging about his wife's affair...

Liebler Gets Local Endorsement; Miller has ‘Baggage’

The Coloradoan today endorsed Larimer County Assessor Democratic candidate Barbara Liebler over former GOP assessor Steve Miller claiming "he also comes with some baggage...

Beauprez Gets First Newspaper Endorsement

The Lehman family which publishes the Loveland Reporter-Herald and Longmont Times-Call endorsed embattled Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez today in dual editorials fueling further...

Sex and the Assessor

In politics, salacious behavior and ego-driven petulance is generally the domain of the White House or Congress. The Larimer County Administration Building is an...

Sign This Pledge

Am I surprised that only three Colorado congressional candidates, just one of them a major party candidate, Democrat Bill Winters, have signed a Voters...
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