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Report: Despite legal protections, gay students in Colorado overwhelmingly bullied

In Colorado, nearly all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students polled this year by national anti-bullying organization GSLEN said they regularly heard homophobic remarks and slurs at their schools. Half of them reported being pushed and shoved around for being queer. And nearly a third of them said they were kicked or punched or hit. That news comes despite the fact that legislators have accepted school bullying as a serious problem to address since the tragic Columbine school shootings of 1999.

New Poll Shows Udall with Lead Among Women, Independent Voters

A poll released today shows Udall has solid support among Democratic voters, while Bob Schaffer's backing among the Republican base is somewhat shakier.A new...

UPDATED: Attack Ads, Responses Mask Truth

One of two attack ads being aired in Colorado against Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall beats up on the 2nd District Congressman for introducing...

Attack Ad Substitutes Fear for Fact

The National Republican Senatorial Committee's first shot in the Mark Udall-Bob Schaffer U.S. Senate race turns out to be a blank.The 48-second YouTube ad...
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