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News Poetry: Seventeen lines for Parkland

After seventeen Comes eighteen And the students Feel the strength Of their years, Armed with ballots Not bullets. Greedy geriatrics Will be free To golf every day As a new generation Nails their diplomas On Washington’s...

An unlikely firebrand

Saturday came and went, marking the day a year ago that 20 students and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook. For Jane Dougherty of Littleton, this week marks an anniversary of a different kind – a year since she got her politics.

Arapahoe shooter: An AP student who cracked jokes

“I knew him, I mean I knew him personally,” said an Arapahoe High School senior. “We had AP History together and he was always cracking jokes, annoying the teacher. He seemed like a nice enough guy.”

Another tragedy — and the tragic feeling that never goes away

A New York Times reporter tweets that it's hard to find a reporter working in Colorado who hasn't had to rush off to the scene of a shooting. It feels all too familiar. Worse, it's a feeling that never seems to go away.