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Here’s what Betsy DeVos had to say in Denver about DACA,...

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s first multi-state school tour of her tenure took her Wednesday to a private Denver autism center, where she encouraged...

Colorado justices see potential ‘paradigm shift’ in school voucher case

DENVER — Is the state constitutional provision that requires Colorado to educate its children ultimately about providing educational instruction or about providing tax money...

On the digital stump: Tom Tancredo

The conservative Colorado Springs Gazette wrote recently that a Tancredo general election candidacy would doom Republican candidates all down the ticket. Yet "the Tanc" charges on. That's what he does. And that's why his supporters love him.

Romney supports school vouchers and standardized testing

Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate who edged out an eight-vote victory over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses, has a long track record on education that includes standardized testing and accountability, charter schools and school vouchers.

All About Eric

How many times can Eric Christen tearfully - and hollowly - resign as a board member overseeing Colorado Springs' largest school district before voters...
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