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Lawsuit from conservative group challenges Douglas County voucher program barring religious...

Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Eric Gorski on April 19, 2016   A conservative legal group representing three Douglas County families filed a federal lawsuit...

Lawmakers aim to lure teachers to rural Colorado, amid budget crunch

There’s an old rural joke about how to keep teachers in local schools: find them a rancher or farmer to marry. It isn’t always...

House passes sweeping energy package brought to you by Colorado Republicans

The U.S. House passed a sweeping energy package Thursday that Alison Gannett, a farmer in the North Fork Valley, said puts “oil and gas companies first and Coloradans last.”

Colorado congressman looks to put 1,000 feet between frackers and schools

BOULDER — There are a lot of opinions on how far hydraulic fracturing should be from schools. One resident near a drilling operation a few hundred yards from Red Hawk Elementary School in Erie said he was probably the only one on his block who didn't mind the noise or environmental and health risks Encana Corp.'s project brought with it. Still, in a perfect world, he said he'd prefer it were a mile away.

With fracking creeping toward schools, candidates drill down their positions

As concerns mount over oil and gas rigs inching closer to several Colorado schools, legislators are looking toward 2013 to sort out whether local controls should take a backseat to state regulations.

Fresh food revolution comes to Colorado schools

It once was a given that the lunchroom lady got to work early and sweated over hot ovens until the kids came streaming in for lunch. That paradigm went the way of the victory garden until it became a given that school food was almost inedible with pretend chicken nuggets and bright yellow macaroni and cheese.

Report points to inadequacy of school water-quality testing

According to a recent AP study, many of the country's schools are serving up drinking water contaminated with bacteria, lead, pesticides and other toxins....

Aspen-area school superintendent still on hot seat for banning Obama speech

It’s been more than two weeks since President Obama’s shockingly innocuous speech to schoolchildren urging them to, gasp, stay in school and work hard,...

Democrats Hatch School Funding Proposal

The rapidly increasing revenues from state and federal taxes and royalties on energy production is often nicknamed Colorado's Golden Goose. If Democrats get their...

Increased Mineral Lease Funds Could Help Build, Repair Schools

What may be best for Colorado K-12 schools is BEST, a proposal by Democratic legislative officials that would use federal mineral lease revenues to...
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