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Gessler goes after Buescher with direct-democracy cudgel

Denver attorney and state Republican insider Scott Gessler appears to be building his campaign for secretary of state on opposition to ballot-initiative reform. It's a move that positions him as a populist champion of citizen lawmaking at a time when broad consensus has built among lawmakers and analysts in favor of reining in the state's famously loose initiative process.

SOS hopeful Gessler warns of commies under every bed

Uh-oh. If Gov. Bill Ritter actually invites Scott Gessler for a Colorado secretary of state tryout, he's gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do — what with the major rule being no one is supposed to embarrass the governor and the Republican attorney already called some of Ritter’s big-dollar supporters Maoists.

UPDATE 3: ProgressNow’s Secretary of State preference poll holds surprises

In an effort to oh-so-helpfully whittle down the 20 candidates vying for Colorado’s open secretary of state position, ProgressNow has launched a poll urging...

20 apply to be next Secretary of State, but who won’t...

OK. The final tally is 20, as in 20 people want to be sworn in to oversee elections and business licensing in Colorado and replace Secretary of State Mike Coffman, who is running off to succeed Republican Tom Tancredo in Congress after drawing the ire of a federal judge for purging 44,000 voters from the rolls at the last minute. As we reported late last week, whoever is picked must not be someone who will embarrass Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat, in any way.

Measure to end affirmative action goes to voters

A campaign seeking to quash Colorado's anti-affirmative action ballot measure faces an onerous battle in the weeks ahead as the Nov. 4 election nears. The group hopes to convince voters to reject the initiative that will dismantle affirmative action programs if passed. But a series of failed legal challenges have left organizers with little cash as they scramble to put together a cogent counter-campaign.

Inside The Taxi Lobbying Probe

As was reported earlier in the month, metro taxi company Yellow Cab may be in hot water over allegations of illegal lobbying tactics--that is,...

GOP Political Group Violated Campaign Law

A Republican political committee financed by the Colorado Association of Home Builders was smacked down today by a state administrative judge for violating campaign finance law.

In today's ruling [PDF] described as precedent-setting by the complainant, Colorado Citizens for Ethics in Government (CCEG), the Committee for the American Dream was found to have broken the law regarding electioneering communications for a series of attack ads it helped to sponsor last fall.

Lamborn and Musgrave Pave Way For Constitutional Wage Increase?

A ballot measure to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $6.85 an hour is set to take effect in January, after...

Just A GOP Attorney?

When writing an article about 527 organizations in Colorado, it might be a good idea to mention that one of your sources heads a...

UPDATED: When Candidates Change Overnight

Managing political committees in Colorado can be pretty confusing stuff. Just ask Scott Gessler, an attorney whose firm has received thousands of dollars from...
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