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A West Slope political tussle over fruit trees land and fruit...

Fruit trees, UN-plot theories and a big chunk of land with his name on it... Former Congressman and rookie county commissioner Scott McInnis lands in a new swirl of controversy.

With primary win, Beauprez, state GOP escape disaster

In his broad steady smile polished with camera light and in a rolling victory speech prepared on and off for years, former Congressman Bob Beauprez on Tuesday night looked and sounded like relief and redemption.

Littwin: A state GOP dedicated to strange

  THE strangest thing about the GOP four-way governor's primary is that it's as if 2010 -- officially the strangest run for governor in modern...

Lucky Buck: Stephens’ struggle with GOP base not likely to ease

Not a vote has been cast yet, but Ken Buck seems to be winning this year's Republican primary contest the same way he won the U.S. Senate Republican primary contest in 2010.

Wadhams: Washed up or back on winning track in Michigan?

Depending on what website you first saw the weekend news about Dick Wadhams’ new job, the former Colorado Republican Party chief is either a genius political puppet master/kingmaker or a bumbling GOP operative who badly botched the last few races in his home state.

McInnis exonerated? Not so fast, says media blogger

Former U.S. Rep. and gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis will not lose his law license as a result of the plagiarism that probably cost him last year's GOP nomination for Colorado governor. While McInnis has been crowing about this, media critic Jason Salzman writes in his Big Media blog today that McInnis is still guilty of plagiarism and is still guilty of misrepresenting his work to the Hasan Foundation, which paid him $300,000 for a series of original water articles.

Attorney Regulation Counsel exonerates McInnis in plagiarism case, indirectly castigates Denver...

Last year government watchdog group Colorado Ethics Watch asked the state's Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel to investigate charges that Colorado-licensed attorney and former Congressman Scott McInnis violated professional ethics when he reportedly plagiarized articles he was contracted to write for the Hasan Family Foundation. The plagiarism charges tanked McInnis's 2010 campaign for governor, but the Regulation Counsel found McInnis not guilty of either plagiarizing or misrepresenting his work to the foundation. The Counsel's report on the investigation released Friday fingers the Denver Post, which broke the plagiarism story, as the guilty party in the scandal, saying the paper's reporting was riddled with errors.

Dick Wadhams calls it quits

Declaring that he would have won, but just didn't want to put up with all the second-guessing and back-stabbing, Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams today told Fox 31 he is not running for another term.

Wadhams pleads case for reelection as Colorado GOP chairman

Dick Wadhams announced Tuesday that he will run for a third term as Colorado Republican Party chairman. The news comes as little surprise to watchers of the proud party boss, but Wadhams will surely face strong opposition among Republicans who view this past election year as a mostly missed opportunity to regain control in purple state Colorado.

Government watchdog group Ethics Watch ranks top Colorado scandals of 2010

Nonprofit watchdog group Colorado Ethics Watch on Tuesday brought out a list reviewing five of the most glaring high-profile breaches of public trust in Colorado in 2010. Ethics Watch is often described (or dismissed) as "left-leaning," and it's true that its list this year spotlights the actions of four well-known Republican political figures. But it's also true that the names of three of the four men included on the list-- Doug Bruce, Dan Maes and Scott McInnis-- now mostly induce chortles and head shaking on the left and right in political circles across the nation. "We were trying to pick [instances] where there was no redeeming side. These were cases where there was no way to give a positive spin," Director Luis Toro told the Colorado Independent.
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