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Tipton takes out Salazar in CD3

Both the Denver Post and 9News just after midnight Tuesday called the 3rd Congressional District race for challenger Scott Tipton, a Republican from Cortez,...

CD3 recap: Salazar leads over Tipton at the wire

Colorado's 3rd Congressional District is a sprawling place where incumbent Democrat John Salazar does not shy away from telling voters that the health care reform bill is good for Colorado. Of course, it is also a district where challenger State Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, is only too happy to tell the same voters that the health care bill is an over-reaching waste of taxpayer money.

NYT: Tipton, Salazar each claim mantle of independence

A day before the election, The New York Times continues its focus on Colorado, this time looking at the 3rd Congressional District race between...

Salazar blasts Tipton for slamming stimulus while his family benefits

Third Congressional District challenger Scott Tipton has been condemning the stimulus bill while his family business takes the money. Incumbent John Salazar says Tipton can't have it both ways.

Salazar builds lead in 3rd Congressional District race

A poll conducted earlier this week shows incumbent Democrat John Salazar increasing his lead in the sprawling, largely rural 3rd Congressional District that encompasses...

Lefty nest Aspen increasingly infiltrated by GOP operatives

ASPEN -- Aspen isn't just a haven for liberals. Conservatives network, plot and stuff their war chests here too. A few recent A-list functions, at least two of them deeply shrouded in secrecy, underscore Aspen's importance to the Grand Old Party and the conservative ideologues who pull its purse strings.

Sign wars heat up in Aspen as realtors hope to cash...

ASPEN -- Eleven scenic acres for sale on the banks of the Roaring Fork River just outside of Aspen are becoming a hotbed of partisan gamesmanship as supporters of Colorado's stumping politicians jockey to one-up each other ahead of November's election.

Dems blast Tipton for Dick Morris fundraiser appearance

Republican U.S. Congress candidate Scott Tipton hosted former President Bill Clinton aide turned conservative commentator Dick Morris at a Grand Junction-area fundraiser Tuesday, and...

Buescher: GOP criticism on MOVE Act military voting ignores reality

Secretary of State Bernie Buescher Monday night told the Colorado Independent he was way ahead of his Republican critics on what needed to happen in Colorado to comply with a new federal law dictating the speed of mailing overseas ballots to members of the military, but lawmakers dragged their feet because of election-year politics.

Salazar’s GOP rivals would welcome Tea Partying Palin with open arms

CD4 Congresswoman Betsy Markey isn’t the only Democrat in the state feeling the heat from failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s “Tea Party Tour.”...
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