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Wiretap: Senate vows a real (un-Nunes-like) investigation of Russian role in...

In a rare show of 21st-century Washington bipartisanship, Senate Intelligence Committee leaders have joined in vowing a thorough investigation of Russian interference in the...

Udall, transparency advocates herald release of macabre CIA torture report

Today the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee released declassified information from a report detailing shocking and macabre use of torture by operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency...

Wiretap: Udall on frontline in escalating Senate-CIA battle over snooping

The fight went semi-public in a March 4 letter to Barack Obama in which Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall spoke of “unprecedented action [i.e., computer snooping] taken by the CIA against the [Intelligence] Committee."

Wiretap: Assigning blame for Benghazi

The committee report puts much of the blame on the State Department, but has little to say about Hillary Clinton's role. So Republicans put out an addendum.