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Settlement will pay back Colorado victims of illegal predatory lending

An online subprime loan company accused of charging consumers rates in excess of Colorado law has been barred from doing business in the state....

Mexican immigrants settle for $1 million in sexual harassment suit

A Vail condo company will pay a total of $1.02 million to eight of its former housekeepers to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. The...

Wiretap: Eric Garner’s family agrees to $5.9 million settlement

I can't breathe Nearly a year after Eric Garner died at the hands of an NYPD officer, the city settled with his family for $5.9 million. It's a...

Endangered Species Act settlement deal could break listing logjam

A federal judge late last week signed off on a deal struck between the WildEarth Guardians environmental group and the U.S. Department of the Interior that would compel the federal government to reach final Endangered Species Act listing decisions on 253 species in the next five years.

Attorney General Suthers wrings $20K settlement from immigrant scam shop

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers' office has landed a blow for consumers against a Colorado Springs business that was scamming people looking for immigration assistance. Suthers' office announced Wednesday it reached a settlement with Simply Done Immigration and its owner, 45-year-old Joseph P. Corrigan, which, in addition to garnering $20,000 in consumer restitution, bars the company from operating in Colorado. The settlement comes in addition to out-of-court payments equaling $18,000 to be paid by two other individuals associated with the business.

Mixed-bag Anthem settlement and Obamacare funds put insurers on notice

Although a large portion of the $20 million that health insurance giant Anthem Wellpoint agreed to pay Colorado policyholders will simply funnel back to Anthem, the settlement and the new $1 million that Colorado insurance industry regulators will receive this year through the new health reform legislation sends a strong message to insurers to deal fairly in the state, according to consumer advocates and commissioners at the state's regulatory Division of Insurance.

Colorado AG files complaint seeking $100M cut in Xcel rate hike

The Colorado attorney general’s office filed papers today asking Xcel Energy to cut more than $100 million from a proposed rate increase of $136 million, according to documents filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission last week.

Xcel Energy lops nearly $44 million off rate-increase request

Xcel Energy Thursday filed for state approval of a settlement with consumer groups in its ongoing rate case before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission...
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