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Colorado Clinton supporters decry Trump’s sexism

The dozens of Colorado women who rallied on the steps of the state capitol this morning to protest Donald Trump’s latest verbal attack on...

Littwin: In Donald Trump’s big GOP wins, sexism seems to help

Just when it seemed certain that America -- or at least a large Republican slice of it -- had gone completely mad, the Trumpian...

Littwin: Bernie Sanders is losing. Did all that yelling help?

It was the ninth Democratic debate, and even though Bernie Sanders seems to be winning of late, he's actually losing in the popular vote,...

Denver police take the Olympic gold in rambling racist rantings

Just as the Denver Police Department is getting ready to rumble — rolling out its brand new pepperball launchers and other riot toyz, the newsweekly Westword has pulled a dusty video out of some basement vault showing a 1979 recruiting class being berated by a commanding officer as “niggers,” beaners,” “greasers” and “homos,” demanding Jewish recruits ID themselves and questions women on their promiscuity. The shocking video, nearly 20 minutes long, may be old, but it doesn’t exactly promote the Mile High City as forward thinking at a particularly crucial moment.
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