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Mayor Hancock’s Denver sheriff appointee has “false reporting” criminal conviction

  Division Chief Elias Diggins, the man Mayor Michael Hancock has picked to temporarily head the Denver Sheriff’s Department, was once charged with a felony...

Exclusive video: Denver deputy belted, then kicked inmate who posed no...

  This is the video Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration doesn’t want you to see. On its own, it’s disturbing enough. It shows Denver Sheriff’s...

Black pastors denounce Denver Sheriff’s Department for ‘Jim Crow-like behavior’

Outraged by misconduct in the Denver Sheriff’s Department, a coalition of African-American pastors is demanding that Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration implement reform.

Web-distracted Denver sheriff’s deputy let inmate waltz free

The Deputy was surfing Craigslist and munching Corn Flakes when he let the inmate walk out of the jail. A long night of additional blunders followed.
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