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News Nuggets: 28 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. DUELING RALLIES: Old Town Fort Collins could be plenty crowded during the lunch hour Wednesday. The Obama-oriented Organizing for America reoriented...

Health care reform rift exposed over ‘public option’ plan

Liberals love it. Conservatives hate it. Moderates have proposed some compromises, and the Obama administration is weighing ways to appease all camps. Whatever battles are brewing in this year’s looming health care reform debate, none is likely to reach the intensity of that over a government-sponsored insurance plan.

Dueling Senate health reform plans reveal centrist-liberal split

A show down between competing Democratic proposals to overhaul the nation's health insurance system is fracturing along ideological lines, writes The New York Times today.

Health care reform endangered by liberal circular firing squad

The risk of long-delayed health insurance reform collapsing under its own weight could come from an unlikely faction — the political Left. That sinking reality was in full voice Wednesday at a Denver town hall forum featuring Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, ex-Vermont governor and a physician.

Health care reform plans come out of the woodwork

Political watchers speculate that Colorado's freshman U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is playing hardball with unions and business to push for labor and health care reforms. A fellow Democrat, Colorado congressional delegation veteran Rep. Diana DeGette, says that she too will be pushing a plan, but the popular single-payer system isn't politically possible. Today TMC MediaWire Healthcare Blogger Lindsay Beyerstein points to a new negotiating tactic advanced by Ezra Klein at the American Prospect.

‘Sick Around America’ documentary slammed for pro-insurance slant

Two critical parts of a highly touted PBS documentary on the national health care crisis that aired Monday were curiously absent — any mention of single-payer insurance and the reporter, celebrated journalist T.R. Reid. Now the Denver resident and recent House District 3 vacancy candidate is speaking out about his editorial spat with Frontline and why he demanded that his name be removed from the "Sick Around America" project.