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Colorado Dems champion health care public option, debate funding

AURORA — At a health-reform town hall gathering this weekend that brought together six members of the Colorado delegation to the nation's capital, Democrats, including Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, said that health care costs would continue to skyrocket unless insurance companies were subject to anti-trust regulation and to competition from a national non-profit government-insurance option.

Democrats lost leverage early in health reform debate

Democrats pushing for a government-backed insurance option as part of their health reform strategy are finding out the hard way that, by taking single payer health care off the table early, they have little leverage now to force a strong public plan.

Lack of Health Insurance Hits Home

I passed a milestone in America's health care crisis recently. I skipped an appointment with the eye doctor because I lost insurance coverage when...

In the Matter of Health Care Versus Baloney

Today we talk about Andorra. We also talk about arrogance and ignorance. We talk about presumption and prevarication. We talk about protecting the privileged...