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Colorado clergy demand lawmakers end legal slavery. Huh?

Clergy members are celebrating a new bill to nix a law that allows slavery to be used to punish convicts. Slavery has been abolished in the...

College Board has rewritten U.S. history – again

For the second time in two years, the College Board has re-written history. Debates over the curriculum erupted fall of 2014 over changes the company, which is...

Wiretap: Confederate battle flag is ‘American swastika’

American swastika Sally Jenkins, a Washington Post sports columnist, daughter of the South, student of the Civil War, tells us what the Confederate battle flag...

GOP women’s group features Confederate general’s photo

Talk about the Southern Strategy: The Colorado Federation of Republican Women boldly featured a photograph of slavery advocate J.E.B. Stuart (nicknamed Jeb), in an...

Ed Board member clarifies comment about U.S. ‘voluntarily’ ending slavery

Pam Mazanec, a member of the Colorado board of education, made headlines last week after expressing concerns that the new Advanced Placement U.S. History...

The Mazanec Article: A Disingenuous Hit Piece

Mazanec’s statement on the United States ending slavery "voluntarily," while inartfully made, was still accurate when one takes an unbiased look at what Mazanec was trying to say.

Wiretap: Our long wars as grand, unintended PTSD experiment

While the President was in Fort Hood at a memorial for the soldiers killed there, the Senate held hearings on the impact our decade-plus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has had on those who served there.

Bachmann, religious right group back off claim black children better off...

The Family Leader, an Iowa religious right group that has been active in GOP caucuses of that state, backtracked on a pledge the group released last week that asked candidates to vow to oppose pornography and same-sex marriage. The pledge contained a controversial statement about slavery, and over the weekend, the Family Leader removed that reference. Rep. Michele Bachmann — the first signer of the pledge — said that she wasn’t signing off on the preamble that contained the slavery reference, only the vows themselves.

Tancredo resurrects right-wing meme for Memorial Day, talks secession

Hosting Peter Boyles talk radio show in Denver Memorial Day, former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo said that although the cause of the Civil War...

Proper apology for slavery might have finished Fox News

The U.S. Senate's resolution apologizing for slavery yesterday was "nonbinding," unlike slavery itself, which was all about binding. The nonbinding part of the resolution means it doesn't have to go to the president for a signature. In other words, the Senate in considering slavery has decided not to bind our first black president, which is a semantic victory if nothing else. The resolution also includes a clause securing the government against any financial responsibilities for the thing it's apologizing for, which of course was one of the most oppressive systems of financial gain in world history.
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