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Colorado news outlets got some ‘breathing room’ with federal relief PPP...

Colorado news organizations were among millions of businesses nationwide that accepted federal money to help weather a financial battering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Data released...

Feds open up disaster relief loans to drought-stricken southwest Colorado

U.S. Colorado Senator Mark Udall today lauded the federal Small Business Administration for taking action to bolster businesses in the drought-stricken southwest region of the state. The office opened up low-interest disaster-relief loan program to ten Colorado counties. It's not just the agricultural sector that is struggling, Udall pointed out in a release, but also the tourism industry and businesses tied to farming, like seed producers and farm-machinery mechanics.

Hickenlooper would defy state Dems and reinstate tax-free ‘enterprise zones’

COMMERCE CITY-- Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper presented his "road map" (Video part 1) (Video part 2) for Colorado job creation and economic growth last week. The road map puts him at odds with some Democratic members of the Colorado legislature who took pains this session to repeal the state's so-called "enterprise zones" where businesses are exempted from paying taxes. Hickenlooper told the Colorado Independent that he strongly supported enterprise zones as a way to spur new business activity and that as governor he would look to promote them as a first order of business.

Recovery planners fail to harness small business power

Bloomingdale is gentrifying. Ten years ago, the pretty neighborhood in central Washington, D.C., with the brightly painted Victorian townhouses and wide tree-lined streets was plagued by drugs, robberies and gang violence. Today those problems are greatly reduced, thanks in part to the efforts of the neighborhood’s tight-knit community of black families and young professionals. In the past five years, residents cleaned up the streets, developed two new parks and a small urban farm and watched their home values rise.

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