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Carbon king but clean-energy crusader Rogers inks MOU with Chinese utility

Efforts to capture carbon king (but global warming believer) Jim Rogers of Duke Energy -- the nation’s third largest power producer based in Charlotte,...

Taxing and spending: it’s good for business!

As an Obama-era Gordon Gekko might put it to shocking effect: "Government spending is good." The enormous "government handout" that is the stimulus package is encouraging growth of emerging industries and doing so partly by bringing major private-sector investors on board. The development puts the lie to the simple dichotomy drawn in the last few decades between the market and the government and to pretend incompatibility of the two. Unabashed taxing and spending is looking pretty good for business -- and not just the businesses in need of bailout. The stimulus is stimulating major U.S. companies to actually make things and build industries that will pay dividends well into the future.

Obama’s smart grid enthusiasm makes us less safe!

Here comes just about the perfect Fox News story line. As the Obama Administration boosts stimulus money for smart-grid installation, National Grid, a utility company installing the new technology in New York state, says the energy delivery and monitoring technology may provide prime information to evildoers looking to carry out "targeted attacks" on the nation's "critical infrastructure."

Robert Kennedy Jr. to speak at DU on recession-busting green business

Robert Kennedy Jr., an early advocate for green government policy as economic stimulant, is scheduled to speak Thursday at the University of Denver Daniels School of Business' "Voices of Experience" lecture series. "Come learn... what top people in business have to say about... turnaround strategies," the Daniels School Web site invites. No better time for that.
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