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Wiretap: Knocking out the Patriot Act – at least for now

Taking credit Rand Paul declares short-term victory on the Patriot Act. The victory may last only a few days, but it has earned him the...

Wiretap: Jon Stewart drops mic; Brian Williams suspended, gets NYPosted

It's actually true: Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. And liberals and other Stewart fans have no idea how they're going to get...

Wiretap: What makes a Great Recession

The tech bubble was bad. But it affected rich people. The housing bubble was the same, except much worse, because it affected the middle class. A middle class hit is a round-house blow.

Wiretap: Papers get Pulitzer, Snowden gets exile

The Pulitzer committee awarded the big prize to the Washington Post and the Guardian for their coverage of the Snowden-NSA story. It was an easy call.

Wiretap: The Christie-Sherman big men soundbites quiz

The Newark Star Ledger who-said-it quiz: Chris Christie or Roger Sherman. Let's just say it's much harder than getting a pass past Sherman in the end zone.

Wiretap: Demand your privacy

Judge Richard J. Leon, a George W. Bush nominee, takes a major shot at the NSA's domestic-surveillance program, which may not survive the blow.

Littwin: ALEC nation

The news is out: ALEC has been officially Snowdened.

Wiretap: The NSA knows you’re in Vegas

More from Snowden: The NSA is collecting 5 billion records each day -- each day -- of the whereabouts of cellphones. It has data on hundreds of millions of devices, meaning it's effectively tracking the movements of millions of people.
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