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Citizens put renewable energy on this year’s ballots Across several states,...

The fossil fuel-friendly Trump administration has been busy rolling back environmental regulations and opening millions of acres of public land to oil and gas...

Wiretap: Austin Nimocks is the guy who will keep losing on...

How would you like to be the lawyer tasked with defending same-sex marriage in the federal courts these days?

First-ever public lands auction for solar power plants bombs

On the home turf of former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, the Colorado lease auction was intended as a showcase for the renewable energy push.

Catching sunlight, to sell it

“It’s not a question of whether we incentivize rooftop solar, but how we do it,” said Ethnie Treick, manager of Policy Analysis at Xcel. “How do we provide solar energy to the most people?”

Solar boosters push Guv to back major expansion

Colorado’s solar industry has grown 20-fold in the last half decade. A coalition that includes 280 businesses and organizations is petitioning Gov. Hickenlooper to keep the momentum going.

DeGette seeks to press Solyndra CEO for answers

Colorado U.S. Representative Diana DeGette on Thursday sent a letter to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Cliff Stearns urging him to invite Brian Harrison, president and CEO of Solyndra, to testify before an investigative subcommittee of which she is a ranking member.

Xcel Energy praised nationally, blasted locally on solar energy front

Xcel Energy shines nationally when it comes to providing solar energy to its customers, according to a recent survey, but locally representatives of Colorado’s solar industry say the state’s largest utility has done much to undermine their energy sector since the beginning of the year.

Judge’s order could kill controversial San Luis Valley solar power transmission...

An administrative law judge's decree that Xcel Energy must “put its money where its mouth is” has cast an ominous cloud over a 140-mile power line proposed in Colorado's sun-drenched San Luis Valley. Conservationists and the state's largest utility argue the line is desperately needed in order to bolster Colorado's renewable energy portfolio, but an evironmentally-minded billionaire landowner says there are viable alternatives that won't have nearly the impact on his sprawling Trinchera Ranch.

Pueblo’s Black Hills utility company suspends solar rebates

After fulfilling the state requirement for solar energy as a percentage of electricity generation, Black Hills Energy has announced the suspension of the $2...

Clean-energy competition with China less of an arms race than a...

In a last-ditch effort to build support in the Senate for a comprehensive climate bill this July, President Obama told the White House press corps that a failure to pass the legislation could help cement China’s position as the world clean energy industry leader. But some energy experts say America and China are more like partners in a relay race, where each country’s advances helps the other get ahead.
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