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Bipartisan solar panel bill seeks to dramatically cut consumer costs

An ambitious bill that would offer grants and subsidies to communities that adopt quicker and more efficient methods of installing solar panels was introduced today by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and John Boozman (R-Ark.).

Renewable energy falling in price and becoming more readily available

As Colorado generates a third of its energy from renewables, forecasts are that much higher percentages could come soon at relatively low cost.

PUC expert calls out ‘perverse incentive’ in renewable program

Xcel Energy is manipulating Colorado's renewable energy policies to reap profits from ratepayers above and beyond the allowed amount, according to a Public Utilities Commission renewable energy expert.

Xcel Energy says anti-renewable lawsuit likely just blowing in the wind

Xcel Energy, the state’s largest utility and a key backer of Colorado’s aggressive renewable energy standard (RES), reacted with skepticism to Monday’s lawsuit seeking to overturn a state law mandating 30 percent of Xcel’s electricity be produced by renewable sources by 2020. “... We understand that [the complaint] was made by a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization,” Xcel spokesman Mark Stutz told the Colorado Independent. “We would be surprised if a federal court would overturn Colorado's legislatively approved Renewable Energy Standard.”

PUC expert: Use existing San Luis Valley transmission lines

Delaying the acquisition of additional solar resources could save ratepayers money and open the door for projects smaller than the 95-mile transmission line proposed...

Solar Energy purchasers will see lower subsidies

Under a new agreement awaiting approval by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), solar purchasers would see upfront rebates for the purchase of solar units reduced or eliminated.

Insight into Solar Rewards Program comes from email solicitation

An advertisement went out today that may provide a preview of the Solar Rewards Program rates to be offered by Xcel Energy.

Xcel Energy blasted for burying bill to up small-scale renewable energy...

Backers of a bill that would have prompted the study of a “feed-in-tariff” program in Colorado to connect renewable energy generators to the grid say the state’s major utilities quietly killed the legislation in committee last week because of their “continuing love affair with fossil fuels.”

Bipartisan phone survey: Majority of Westerners prefer renewable energy

A phone survey of 2,200 registered voters in five western states, including 600 in Colorado, found that a majority of western voters think the amount of their state’s electricity being produced by renewable energy sources should “dramatically increase,” even if it means paying more on their utility bill.

Stimulus money flows into Colorado, putting some to work, angering others

To some, stimulus money has been a godsend. To others, it has been an overreaching waste of taxpayer money. One thing that is hard to argue, though, is that it has pumped billions of dollars into the Colorado economy.
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