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Wiretap: Ed Snowden is no Lena Dunham

"Line around the block for Lena Dunham panel. Walked right into the Edward Snowden panel.”

VIDEO: Sen. Al Franken stresses importance of net neutrality at South...

“I came here today to warn you that the party may almost be over,” Sen. Al Franken said. “They are coming after the internet hoping to destroy the very thing that makes it such an important tool for indie artists and entrepreneurs: its freedom and openness.”

Live Stream: SXSW fest features Kucinich on labor, Franken on net...

The Austin-based South by Southwest music, film, technology fest this week has so far featured populist political discussion on the labor showdown in Wisconsin, Washington war spending and the privatized "debt-based" monetary fund. That was all from Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich. Minnesota Senator Al Franken is set to discuss the future of the internet at 8:30 this morning Colorado time. Franken, like Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, has long fought against the drive to give communications corporations more control over what kind of content flows fastest on the web.
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