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Colorado senators rally round fracking-awareness home-buyer protection bill

The Senate on Friday unanimously passed a bill that would include a warning in home-purchase contracts notifying buyers whether gas drillers might have access to the property.

Drilling and the American Dream: Your perfect home in a Colorado...

Thomas Thompson worked 38 years consulting for hospitals and selling railroad materials with one goal in mind – to some day retire with his wife in a quite mountain valley, watching the seasons turn.

EPA forced to subpoena Haliburton for fracking information

The Environmental Protection Agency reported Tuesday that eight out of nine companies engaged in the controversial and expanding natural gas industry practice of hydraulic...

Did COGA’s Kathy Hall call it quits over ‘fracking fluid in...

Kathy Hall, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association Western Slope representative infamously caught on film saying natural-gas drilling chemicals are so benign she’s had...

Huge plumes of heat-trapping methane wasted in gas drilling, infrared reveals

Natural gas wells and storage tanks throughout Colorado may look fairly benign to the casual observer, but infrared cameras show them gushing heat-trapping methane...

GarCo commissioners delay FRAC Act decision after viewing anti-drilling film

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Everyone was a film critic Monday at a somewhat tense screening of the new anti-gas-drilling documentary “Split Estate” for the Garfield County commissioners. Most of the reviews — surprisingly, even from the industry — were glowing.

GarCo commissioners get special screening of gas-drilling film ‘Split Estate’

The Garfield County commissioners Monday will get a personal screening of the award-winning new documentary “Split Estate,” detailing environmental problems stemming from the most...

GarCo commissioners put off FRAC Act resolution

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — An expected showdown over support or rejection of the FRAC Act by one of Colorado’s most drilled counties fizzled a bit Monday when the Garfield County commissioners decided to delay any resolution on the federal hydraulic fracturing legislation until they see a movie on the topic and take more public input.
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