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Littwin: How many shootings will it take for us to stop...

There is much to be said in the aftermath of yet another mass shooting, of yet another mass school killing, of yet 10 more...

Colorado minority youth disproportionately tried as adults

Lopsided percentages of young people charged as adults in Colorado courts appear to be ethic minority youth, an apparent bias rights activists suggest should be examined, especially given that Colorado is one of only 14 states in the country to embrace the hard-line "direct file" system, where district attorneys decide, without judicial review, whom to try as adults. According to analysts, the "direct file" system can be counterproductive and, in Colorado at least, is plagued by inadequate data collection and review. Indeed, even the most basic information, like the ethnic makeup of the juveniles being charged with adult crimes, is unreliable or simply not collected.

Boomers Blossom in Colorado

Were you were born between the mid 1940's to the mid 1960's? If so, you are in good company with about 78.2 million...

Colorado 45th in Housing Appreciation

The big story in a lot of reporting on real estate prices is the slowdown in the national real estate market, and the Denver...
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