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In Denver, Knights of Columbus reaffirms opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion

Delegates setting the resolutions for the Knights of Columbus (K of C) again voted to defend traditional marriage and the "sacredness of human life" at the group's 129th Supreme Convention held in Denver this week. With both controversial issues seen as the most important topics to many of the delegates, some secular and Catholic groups are concerned their agenda is a step in the wrong direction for civil rights.

DeGette lauds ruling lifting ban on stem-cell-research funding

Colorado U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, a leading advocate for women's health and head of the Pro-Choice Congressional Caucus, celebrated on Friday a ruling lifting the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

DeGette blasts court ruling blocking stem cell research

A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that federal funds cannot be used for stem cell research, blocking President Obama’s 2009 executive order allowing...

Personhood’s Jones says amendment’s effects exaggerated but real

DENVER - Personhood Amendment backer and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes recently said he doesn't think Amendment 62 will have much effect if passed by voters in November - in particular he said he doesn't feel it will outlaw abortion. But Personhood Colorado Director Guelberto Garcia Jones says that while detractors are exaggerating the consequences, very real changes to Colorado's reproductive policy landscape will occur if it passes, including eliminating abortion, ending stem cell research and greatly changing the method by which in vitro fertilization is conducted.

No clones allowed. Religious groups back new NIH stem cell rules

The Obama Administration issued long-sought guidelines Friday for advancing new federally-funded embryonic stem cell research reversing a nearly nine year ban by the Bush White House. Despite hysterical and inaccurate claims by conservative religious groups over "fetal farming", the National Institutes of Health guidelines do not allow embryonic cloning or other methods of deriving stem cells beyond those available through fertility clinics.

Archbishop Chaput weighs in on Obama-Notre Dame flap, whips up flock,...

Predictably, Denver's outspoken Archbishop Charles Chaput has managed to insert himself front and center in the sturm und drang over "pro-abortion" President Obama's scheduled graduation commencement speech at a Catholic institution of higher education, the University of Notre Dame. Over the weekend, Chaput gave a speech at a quiet seminary in Detroit, not far north of Notre Dame, and managed to lead U.S. Catholics into pro-life / anti-Obama frenzy and confusion.

Restoring stem cell research – now and beyond

President Barack Obama has certainly had his plate full since he took office — the economy, children’s health and the housing crisis, all have piled up at once. He continues to take bold action that will ensure the long-term stability of our economy. And I am proud that he has acted on expanding embryonic stem cell research.

Origins of Personhood: The moral precedent of conception, religion and the...

The question of when life begins is an incredibly complex one with enormous legal and ethical ramifications for contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilization, embryonic...

DeGette’s Stem Cell Bill Back on Fast Track

Dems in Congress plan to put the only bill President Bush has vetoed back on his desk in January. The bill to expand funding...

The Return of Jackassman

Democrats are meeting this weekend in Denver as part of the Democratic Leadership Council, and The Denver Post's John Aloysius Farrell reports that Sen. Ken Salazar's successful 2004 campaign will be a hot topic of discussion as an example of how to win cross-over votes with a moderate campaign. Salazar picked up nearly 80,000 more votes in Colorado than Presidential candidate John Kerry.
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