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Littwin: As Perlmutter and friends take a swing at Pelosi, they’re...

As an aged anarchist at heart (the anti-hierarchy kind, not the throw-bottles-through-storefront-windows kind), I understand the revolt against the assumption that Nancy Pelosi will...

Cantor loss spotlights sticky immigration politics shaping Coffman-Romanoff race

The candidates have blasted each other as hypocritical, untrustworthy agents of reform. It's a charge that may be particularly damning for congressional candidates this year.

Colorado veterans, lawmakers celebrate repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

DENVER-- Veterans, state lawmakers and Democratic Party officials gathered on the capitol steps here Monday to celebrate the end of the policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which for the last 18 years barred gay Americans from serving openly in the military. The Pentagon on Tuesday is offically lifting Don't Ask, Don't Tell across all branches of the armed services in accordance with legislation passed last December. At a time when nearly any issue can generate incendiary political rhetoric and gridlock Congress, the end of the controversial military policy is being lauded as a rare bipartisan victory for equality and common sense and a sign of progress in service of the nation.

Pocket card politics: What your Dems will be saying to you...

With visions of last year's shout-fest health-care town halls dancing in their heads, House Democratic leaders rallied the troops this week for the August...

How reconciliation irons out the House and Senate health bills

Democratic leaders pushing health care reform this year like to argue that a vast majority of the proposals represent uncontroversial changes backed by most Capitol Hill lawmakers. And while that might be true, it hasn’t prevented some sharp disagreements between House and Senate Democrats over a handful of high-profile reform provisions.

Study: Millions to lose unemployment benefits

For millions of unemployed workers, the recession is poised to go from bad to worse. More than 3.2 million laid-off Americans will prematurely exhaust their unemployment insurance in the first quarter of next year unless Congress intervenes, an advocacy group warned Monday.

What about energy? Democrats tailor their answer as the debate shifts

In a rambunctious press conference that could forecast the tone of the energy debate to come, House Democratic leaders clashed with Republican supporters in Denver Tuesday over each party's approach to offshore oil drilling.