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Wiretap: Trump may talk tough on China, but Chinese score Tillerson...

When Rex Tillerson goes to Beijing, he talks about U.S.-China "mutual respect," and the Chinese score it as a diplomatic victory.  Words matter. The...

Wiretap: Sebelius drops the mic

The nation's Health Secretary is the fall person for the disastrous Obamacare rollout -- but not before the exchanges hit their goal. So what's her legacy, exactly?

VIDEO: Americans Elect presidential nomination experiment comes to Colorado

Americans Elect, the online presidential nominating organization, has made it onto the ballot in Colorado, easily hitting the 10,000 resident signatures it needed. Americans Elect is not a political party. It's a group that has set up a new way to nominate candidates.

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert to run Iowa ad

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert might be ready to flex the muscles of his newly established Super PAC, and he seems willing to begin the work-out in Iowa. On The Colbert Report Monday night, the comedian told other potential PACs hoping to back Texas Gov. Rick Perry to back off, “I saw him first.”

Colbert Report makes Talisman Terry ‘frack-osaurus’ extinct

Among scientists, debate still rages over what ultimately killed off the dinosaurs. In the case of the loveable frack-osaurus “Talisman Terry,” there’s no question. It was Stephen Colbert.

Colbert’s frack attack reveals sad demise of tortured ‘Talisman Terry’ frack-osaurus

Stephen Colbert satirically skewered Talisman Energy’s “Talisman Terry” coloring book character Monday night, following the sad tale to its conclusion with the loveable “frack-osaurus” ultimately lighting himself on fire in a natural-gas-contaminated shower scene.

VIDEO: Colbert’s own sweet take on the debt ceiling

When the serious (Republican) guys (sorry gals) in Congress introduce a bill just so they can vote it down, you have to turn to the funny guys to make sense of it all.

VIDEO: Minnesota’s two (count em, two) presidential hopefuls offer more fodder...

Minnesota’s potential presidential candidates are giving Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert plenty of material these days, from Tim Pawlenty letting news of his candidacy slip on CNN (before backpedaling on the topic) to Michele Bachmann telling Iowa conservatives that the earth is 5,000 years old.

VIDEO: Conservative analogy between second-hand smoke and homosexuality gets national laugh

Once you get on a Colbert roll, it's hard to get off, so here we go again: Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert singled out conservative organization The Family Leader and its president, Bob Vander Plaats, for their renewed interest in comparing the public health risks of homosexuality to second-hand smoke.

Colbert wages twitter war on Kyl-style intentionally not factual politics

With a blistering multimedia blitz, satirist Stephen Colbert is making an example of Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl. Colbert mocked him on television to great effect Monday for launching a disingenuous Senate floor attack on Planned Parenthood and later attempting to explain it away as merely "not intended to be factual statements." Colbert is now setting Twitter on fire with a long list of "not intended to be factual statements" about the Senator, ridiculing in the process all the baloney spinning politicians in the country. There have been roughly fifty tweets in the last couple of days. Twitterati are choosing their favorites. You can, too!
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