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Your weekly roundup of Colorado news and media, March 15

Horror story: Stephen King once tried to write for The Boulder Daily Camera ... and was rejected! Prolific novelist Stephen King is known for his love of...

Millionaire Denver Republican Terry Barr: Raise my taxes

Terry Barr, millionaire president of Samson Oil recently held a little party in Denver to raise money for Republicans. No surprise there, but when it was over, he told a New York Times reporter that the government should raise his taxes.

Pro-labor Wisconsin video roundup: Tony Schultz and Stephen King

The hundred-thousand-plus crowd that filled downtown Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend is being touted as an answer to the Tea Party rallies that cropped up around the country last year. The pro-labor Madison crowds were larger than any of the Tea Party rallies last year, including the one hosted by Fox personality Glenn Beck in Washington on 12 September 2009.