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Christian groups Focus on the Family, NOM to host Iowa candidate...

The weekend before thanksgiving, Colorado Springs-based evangelical group Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage will host a Republican presidential candidate forum in Des Moines centered on social issues. Focus on the Family staffer Tom Minnery said the hosts of the event don't plan to "get into theology as such" because there wouldn't be enough time for the candidates to "solve theological questions." Primary campaign frontrunner Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, has yet to commit to the event.

Focus dusts off ‘Merry Tossmas’ campaign in time for layoffs

Maybe Focus on the Family commentator Stuart Shepard should have just kept his “Merry Tossmas” campaign to one year — last year — and put a lid on this year’s efforts to threaten retailers who don’t wish him a Merry Christmas in a satisfactory enough way. His Merry Tossmas threat, coming just as hundreds of his colleagues were laid off doesn’t help much by way of public opinion for the guy who got his last whiff of fame for a video praying to God for Noah and the Ark-like rain to drown Barack Obama’s speech at Mile High Stadium during the Democratic National Convention.

Stuart Shepard, Rocky Mountain News put Colorado on Olbermann’s map

I didn't want to write about Stuart Shepard. Focus on the Family's video commentator is so clearly enamored with himself that he doesn't need any extra attention, including when he stars in a moronic video asking whether it would be "wrong" to pray for Noah and the Ark-like rain to drown Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech, and presumably everyone who was there to hear it. But then Shepard got zinged by Keith Olbermann as a "Worst Person in the World" — as did the Rocky Mountain News. And so now I write about Stuart Shepard.
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