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Lamborn draws early campaign fire for ‘suicide caucus’ votes

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn was one of the House Republicans who spearheaded the move to threaten a government shutdown unless the Senate and President Obama agreed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. The plan didn't work.

News Poem: ‘Deprivation’

Deep in the back seat of the dark car, his feet spread wide apart, the thing done that needed to be done made a deep slow breath taste sweet as whiskey. He nudged the little metal window lever forward, ermp. The window was already closed.

We hate the Tea Party. Vote Tea Party in 2016!

In case you’re tempted to feel optimistic in a haze of post-shutdown good feeling, let me offer a few words of, well, discouragement.

Wiretap: No deal, yet

We're another step closer to default. The House wasted a day, unable to come up with a plan of its own, forcing the Senate to try to rescue what critics left and right now call the House suicide caucus. What's next?

Shutdown strategy report: Obamacare popularity boosted; House GOP popularity tanked

You didn't have to be in the room to know what happened at the big White House shutdown confab Thursday.

Lamborn, Colorado’s ‘suicide caucus’ member, determined to battle over debt ceiling

Lamborn said he's prepared to battle over the nation's debt ceiling and that he aims to expand debate beyond funding for Obamacare to try and win sweeping budget reforms.
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