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Chasing Light: Winter wonders

  FRISCO —Ullr may have taken a little break during January — at least in terms of big snowstorms — but in the high country,...

Chasing Light: Dawn patrol

It's always worth getting up early to catch the start of the day outside if you can, and during a short weather window from...

Chasing Light: Hometown views

You may have heard that Keystone delayed its opening day because of unusually warm weather, but that's not the whole story. Sure, temps have...

Chasing Light: Sunday morning

In late September, the best sunrise light is right around the same time I need to get my teenager out of bed and on...

Chasing Light: Timing is everything

Timing is critical to photography. Sometimes, a certain combination of light, clouds and reflections only persists for a few minutes.

Chasing Light: Things to come …

  I know it seems a little early to post ice pictures, but I wanted to give you shutterbugs a chance to plan a trip...

Chasing Light: Eyecandy

I've been playing around with the iPhone's panoramic setting for a while, trying to find the sweet spot, where I end up with high quality and high resolution images while getting a big slice of the landscape into the frame.

Forest health crisis ends with a whimper

Nearly every Western elected official with a clump of shrubby cottonwoods in his or her jurisdiction claims to be a forest expert. They're not experts.

High Holidays

Snowboarders from Maine wrote to say how much they enjoyed their stay. They also offered suggestions on how to equip the place to accommodate their new breed of tourist.

The 99 Percent: Morning coffee, Summit County 7-11

"It's cold," he says, rubbing his hands and zipping up his fleece. I can see that Joaquin, a recent immigrant from Senegal, doesn't really have a good sense yet of what winter will be like in the Colorado high country.