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McCain campaign ceases operation, kind of

Pointing to the dire nature of America's current financial crisis, John McCain made a surprising announcement Wednesday that he is going back to Washington, D.C., to help lawmakers craft a bailout package for Wall Street and will effectively suspend his campaign until an agreement is made. But is it really in recess?

Oops! Colorado McCain camp sends internal e-mail to reporters

The regional spokesman for John McCain in Colorado accidentally sent the campaign's internal talking points on the candidate's plans to suspend his campaign to its entire Colorado media list, instead of a list of key volunteers, Wednesday afternoon, PolitickerCO's Jeremy Pelzer reports.

In craven political move, McCain suspends campaign over economic crisis

I just got a twitter alert from CNN that John McCain has suspended campaigning to work on the economy, and asked Barack Obama to postpone Friday's debate and do the same. Interesting request, considering McCain's top advisors helped get us into this mess. If he really wants to fix the economy McCain should start with some pruning of his own backyard.

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