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Jeffco suspended an average of four young students a day last...

Jeffco Public Schools handed out more suspensions to young students than any other Colorado district last school year, and did so at rates that...

Should preschool suspensions and expulsions be banned?

Originally posted on Chalkbeat by Eric Gorski on May 25, 2016 When you hear about suspensions and expulsions, high school may immediately come to mind. But...

Democrats scotch Lamborn’s Leadville Mine Tunnel bill

LEADVILLE-- Citizens here will continue to wait for the federal government to take responsibility for a mine drainage tunnel running through town and brimming with contaminated water.

A U.S. House bill ordering the Bureau of Reclamation to pump and clean the contaminated water backed up behind a blockage in the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel was voted down Tuesday, largely by Democrats, including two from Colorado, in what observers suggest looked like clear political gamesmanship.

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