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Citizens United must disclose funders of Colorado politics documentary

As the Supreme Court said in the case that bears Citizens United’s name, the public has a right to know who is spending money to influence their vote as an election nears.

Colorado mulls forcing Citizens United to disclose donor identities

“No one's saying Citizens United can't make this movie or spend as much money as they want on it. All we’re asking for is that they comply with disclosure requirements in the Colorado constitution."

Morse Recall Petitions Survive Constitutional Challenge

With just moments to go before the decision deadline and the launch of the holiday weekend, the Secretary of State’s office announced its opinion that the petitions triggering a recall of state Senate President John Morse are constitutional.

Ethics Commission Poised to OK Limited Gessler Defense Fund

Draft documents drawn up by Colorado Independent Ethics Commission suggest members will allow Secretary of State Scott Gessler to establish a private defense fund he hopes to draw on in the event that an investigation launched into his alleged misuse of public funds leads to criminal charges. The apparent nod from the ethics board comes despite harsh dissent of its chairman, Dan Grossman.
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