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Colorado hosts highest percentage of women lawmakers in the nation

Forty-one women were sworn into the state legislature in Denver this week, strengthening Colorado's long standing as the women-lawmaker capital of the nation. The state gained five women in the Senate and lost one in the House. There are 17 women in the 35-member Senate. There are 24 women serving in the 65-member House. That's the largest percentage of women serving at any state capitol across the country and it's also the largest number of women ever to serve at the Colorado capitol. The Colorado Legislative Women’s Caucus is proud of these facts. It's also not sure exactly what these facts mean on the ground for constituents.

HPV Vaccine Bill Fails (Again) in Senate Committee

Even after Sen. Suzanne Williams weakened Senate Bill 80, the Senate Appropriations Committee still rejected it. The committee already failed to OK the bill...

New HPV Vaccine Bill Introduced in House

State legislators introduced a new bill last week regarding a controversial vaccine for human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes many cases of cervical cancer....
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