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CU campus to test text-message alert system: ‘pig flu gonna get...

The University of Colorado plans to test its Campus Alert text-messaging system tomorrow, a system where subscribers receive official text messages from the university...

Early Bird Special: Coyote hunt on ice, Littleton family ‘Shanghaied’ in...

Here's our daily roundup of some of our favorite news from around Colorado. • There will be no coyote hunting inside the Colorado Springs city limits, The Gazette reports. The city council "put a bullet between the eyes" of a proposal to issue permits to shoot the critters, citing more pressing concerns for the town government. Officials received an unusually high number of calls -- most in opposition -- about the plan, which would have restricted coyote season to certain times of day and required completion of a hunter safety course.

Overblown swine flu rhetoric part of broader anti-immigration strategy

If the anti-immigrant reactions to the outbreak of swine flu are any indication, advocates for immigration reform are going to have an uphill battle in Congress this year.

Ritter requests stockpiled drugs to prepare for swine flu in Colorado

Gov. Bill Ritter asked for Colorado's share of antiviral drugs from a federal stockpile on Sunday as reports of swine flu cases mounted across the country. The request is a precaution, Ritter said, emphasizing that no cases of the deadly strain of influenza have been reported in Colorado. It's just a matter of time, even though cases in the United States have so far been "relatively mild," the state's chief medical officer said in a statement.