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Littwin: Colorado GOP picks Ken Buck to make the case that...

In response to its all-but-unprecedented disaster that was the last election cycle, the Colorado Republican Party has come up with a plan — to...

In the small Colorado town of Divide, there isn’t much of...

  DIVIDE, CO — In this blink-and-you-might-miss-it town of fewer than 200 about 30 miles west of Colorado Springs, the mood on the eve of...

Littwin: Showtime in a swing state

Once again, and maybe this time more than ever, the entire election may be in our hands, Colorado. It's easy enough to joke about...

Wiretap: Downturns, upswings, and why Colorado won’t swing

Swing, swing Colorado: The state that fell off the electoral map, or so writes the great Molly Ball in The Atlantic in wondering why the...

Obama Wins Second Term

Americans voted to reelect President Barack Obama tonight, giving him four more years to work to expand the economy and drive down stubborn unemployment numbers. Throughout the long campaign, voters told pollsters they favored his steady demeanor and, in the end, embraced his vision of a government that sought to prioritize middle class opportunity, in part through a federal tax policy that asks the top earners in the country to pay the same rates they paid in the Clinton years, when the U.S. economy boomed.

In Colorado, GOP maintains edge in early voting

The latest early-vote tallies (pdf) released this afternoon by the Colorado secretary of state show Republican holding onto a steady lead. The Halloween release reported that registered Republicans have cast 38.2 percent of 1,150,698 votes collected so far in the state. Democrats have cast 35.2 percent and unaffiliated voters 25.6 percent. Today's total percentages are roughly unchanged from Tuesday's but, with less than a week to Election Day, less-partisan unaffiliated voters-- the largest voting bloc in the state-- seem to be beginning to turn out in greater numbers.

Dems see upward trend in Colorado early voting numbers

Early voter numbers released this morning by the Colorado secretary of state's office bring good news for Democrats. The lead notched by registered Republicans dipped a point over the weekend to 38 percent of all votes cast so far in the state. Registered Democrats stayed even at 36 percent and unaffiliated voters gained two points to hit 25 percent.

Republicans and Democrats celebrate Colorado early voter stats

Early-voter tallies released by the Colorado secretary of state today list registered Republicans in the state leading the pack. Of the more than 626,000 ballots so far collected here, Republicans have turned in 39.0 percent, Democrats 36.1 percent and unaffiliated voters 23.0 percent.

Colorado trends suggest Romney plan to court only ‘thoughtful independents’ doomed

Republican Party donors and strategists alarmed by the trajectory of the embattled Romney presidential campaign won't find much to boost their spirits in swing-state Colorado. On the contrary, what's happening on the ground here suggests the party's nominee is failing to execute the strategy he said he "inelegantly" outlined in the hidden-camera videotape that has dominated the politics news cycle for the last two days.

In long run-up to 2012, Gardner draws heat for anti-environmental record

Freshman Republican Congressman Cory Gardner weathered a drawn out if ultimately not-close Tea Party caucus battle last year and rode the Republican wave to victory over Democrat Betsy Markey.* Less than a year later, he's again navigating the increasingly rocky electoral waters of Colorado's sprawling Fourth District.
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